It's strawberry time!   Strawberries are ready for picking and the supply is moderate for the week of May 22.  If you pick your own, the cost is $1.50/pound.  You can bring any kind of container. Plastic bags are NOT recommended. Pre-picked buckets are $14. Call  (865) 518-1311 to place your order for those. The demand is extremely high, so placing your order in advance is recommended.

*** Payment may be made by cash or check only.  No credit cards will be accepted.

The onions are ready. They are $1/bunch. The romaine lettuce is beautiful and ready to be cut . It is $2/head.

 We are cutting lots of broccoli. The cost is $1.50/lb.  Beets are ready by the bunch, for $2.00.  Cabbage is ready, and is $ .50/lb.

Cauliflour will be ready this week.  White half-runner green beans, eggplant, peppers,  and tomatoes have been planted and are growing, but won't be ready for a while.

Keep checking back as we update the expected available dates.

 (865) 518-1311 or (865) 441-1388