Our plants are LOADED with berries right now, but the rows are MUDDY,  Come on with your mud boots or other shoes for mud, and pick all the berries you want!

**STRAWBERRIES:  mid- April to mid-June

    U-pick: $1.50 per pound (bring containers)

    Bucket: $15 for 4 quarts (bucket included)

**GREEN ONIONS: $1 per bunch

**BROCCOLI: mid-May to early June and onward, $1.50 per pound

**CAULIFLOWER: late May to early June,    $1.50 per pound

**ROMAIN LETTUCE: mid to late May,    $2 per head

**CABBAGE: early to late June,  50 cents per pound

**BEETS: late May to late June, $2 per bunch, $25 per bushel, $13 per half bushel

**SUMMER SQUASHES:  yellow crookneck and zucchini, late May -late June,

    $0.75 per pound

**GREEN BEANS: mid or late June into August or September, $2 per pound or

    $45 per bushel

**TOMATOES: mid July into September,  $2 per pound or $30 per bushel

**CORN: mid to late July, $4.50 per dozen

**GREENS: late October into December,  $3 per bag or 2 bags for $5

**SWEET POTATOES: late October into December   $10 for 1/2 bushel, $20 per

   bushel, or 60 cents per pound



d**-April-mid-June    U-pickSt*Str*Strawb erries