The strawberries and broccoli are finished for this year.  We appreciate all who came out and picked or ordered prepicked berries.  We hope you will come back and see us next year. Our sweet potatoes are also sll gone. However, we do have greens.  Check out our "Availibility and Pricing" page. 


    Welcome to Rutherford's Farm.  We appreciate your business. It has been a good year, and we hope you will come back next year for some of our delicious strawberries.

   Our growing season is winding down, until the time for sweet potatoes and greens. Because we no longer have pickers for the beans, you are welcome to come pick your own. If you are interested in picking some, please call ahead at our farm number,  (865) 518-1311, to make sure someone is available.  The reduced price is $30/bushel, $15per 1/2 bushel, or $1/pound.  Mornings are strongly advised as picking time.  Our tomato crop is slowing down.  If you want any tomatoes, please call the number shown above to arrange for a time to get some.

Because of the demand, we have not been able to fulfill all the requests for vegetables . For this we apologize.  We simply had more requests than we could sufficiently fulfill.