The strawberries and broccoli are finished for this year.  We appreciate all who came out and picked or ordered prepicked berries.  We hope you will come back and see us next year. Our sweet potatoes are also sll gone. However, we do have greens.  Check out our "Availibility and Pricing" page. 


    Welcome to Rutherford's Farm.  As a food provider, we are considered to be an essential service and are open.

  • For your safety and our well-being you will see some new procedures,including the "Check-in" station, "Check-out" station, and "Pre-pick" station.
  • Short-term parking is available adjacent to the picking stand for those with restricted mobility.
  • Cash or check only.
  • Prices are the same as the last several years. U-pick berries are $1.50 per pound.  Pre-pick berries are $15 per 4 quart bucket.  For U-pick, empty buckets may be purchased for $1.00.
  • Farm phone: (865)518-1311, ANSWERED ONLY DURING OUR OPEN HOURS.  If you can't get through, it means we're very busy.  You can text our number but DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE.
  • Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8-1 and 4-8.  On Saturdays we will be open from 8-8.
  • Help us keep you safe with 6 feet between us.
  • Please DO NOT bring pets to the farm, for food safety.
  • If you are coming from outside Blount County for orders, please call to be sure we have berries available.
  • Early mornings are the best time to find strawberries.  We're having to close early many days because we're picked out.